Join the biology honor society?

I got an invitation to join the biological honor society in the mail today… I suspect that many many many people are invited to join the honor society and suspect that it probably isn’t a big deal… but would this be good for my application?
I’m just wondering… it’s only $50 to join for the paperwork etc. While I do think it’s a little insane to have to pay join some society, I guess it’s not uncommon…
I’m interested to hear if anyone thinks this is a good idea or a waste of $50.

I would ask your professor. You would hate to joing and it turns out all it is a a ‘who’s who’ type of thing where you are paying just to have you name in a worthless book. If you were nominated for this by a professor, and this is the reason for the invite - I’d say go for it. Then it would mean something on the application.

Was the letter on university letterhead? Does your university have a local chapter? These are a couple of other ways to tell whether this is a society you want to be a part of, or a society of taking checks from undergrads. I agree with asking your biology prof as well.
I joined Beta Phi Mu, a library honor society, when graduating from library school. It was $5 a year, or $25 for a lifetime membership. The faculty nominates you and there’s an induction ceremony on campus and they have a keynote speaker every year, etc. To me, that’s the difference: is there something to the organization?

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If it appears to be a society whose invitation was generated strictly by your good grades in biology, it’s not worth it - med schools can see those grades already.
I got even more suspicious of these things this spring when we were “notified” that my h.s. daughter “qualified to be in Who’s Who of American High School Students.” I love my daughter but an academic weenie she is not. I think the numbers criteria that were used for this particular ‘honor’ were zip code correlated with average sale price of a house, or average household income. I know, cynical, huh.

That Who’s Who crap is still around? It’s like a national directory of people. That’s it. To get in, all you have to do is be a person. Animals, on the other hand, are NOT allowed. Hey, I was in that book too back in the day! I even had my picture in it. But I did not, I repeat NOT, ever think of listing it on my college applications. Really, I can’t believe it’s still around. It’s only real purpose is to sell you copies of the book, which of course you want if you join since it’s got your picture in it.


I think the numbers criteria that were used for this particular ‘honor’ were zip code correlated with average sale price of a house, or average household income. I know, cynical, huh.

Nope. Not even that. I got in and my zip was 56201, which is code for: rural midwestern backwater. Plus our town was not exactly a thriving economic zone, but rather a thriving zone of farm forclosures. And still we got in. (If I remember correctly though, you get a book that only covers your part of the country, maybe?) I think the only real criteria is that you have to be attending a high school.

Is it something like Tri-Beta, or the dreaded pay to be in a book thing. Its significance will depend on what you do in it. I am an officer in Tri-B and put in a lot of hours doing things that can be documented in the community.
As a note on these type of science clubs; a friend who will be an MS-1 at a ‘top’ school this year said she was asked about our ACS chem club at an interview (it’s a nationally recognized chapter).
I guess bottom line about significance would depend on what you are up to…stuff with good bullet statements, or sitting in a 12 hour meeting once a month.
All only my personal ideas though, not trying to disgruntle anyone.

Like Amy said if you do get somewhat involved it will become a meaningful part of your application process. On a side note you should not do this exclusively to pad your resume but because you really enjoy this society and what they stand for.

Seeing as my application goes in super soon… I will probably not join… there isn’t really time for me to get involved in it and have it mean anything.
As far as Who’s Who… that always made me mad… my brother was asked to be in it… and I wasn’t… but my grades and extracurriculars were better than his… always made me nuts…
Thanks for the insight.

Don’t feel bad about not being asked to join Who’s Who. They probably reached their quota of joinees that year before they got to you. (If your last name starts with D I’m not surprised). I’m sure they have some fixed number of pages in the book corresponding to their profit scheme.
By the way, if it is any consolation, I had to suffer the insult of being Miss Congeniality in my town’s annual pageant. My dream was to be the Water Princess, but no. And I only got Congeniality anyway because I voted for myself… I am totally convinced that the reason I lost on Princess is because I made my own evening gown from a McCall’s pattern. Duh.
Sorry to be taking over this thread with pathetic anecdotes from high school, but I can’t help it.
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