Journals to Read

There are thousands of esoteric medical journals out there. I'm just looking for an informative, engaging journal/magazine of general medical, scientific knowledge for a lay person or premed student. Does anyone out there have any favorites I should check out?

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)

If you want more medicine and less science that is fairly simple to read, try American Family Physician, the official journal of the American Academy of Family Practice.

I agree with both of the above poster’s suggestions.
Here is a link for online American Family Physician
If you are looking for some light reading and general interest articles (as compared to formal write ups of studies) - if you are into exercise/fitness at all I’d recommend Physician and Sportsmedicine - either the subset that is online in the back issues or in the library.

I prefer the New England Journal of Medicine to JAMA but I am still bitter about the AMA support of S11.

Hey there! Check out MedStudent Linx. It’s a link to the medical student part of which provides current article on a variety of medical topics from a variety of journals and other sources. Often times there are direct links to the full text articles. You have to sign up but it is free. You can then even have the latest articles emailed to you.

Personally, I read JAMA, N.E. Journal of Medicine and The Lancet(not all articles of course), RT magazines(respiratory therapy mags), Scientific American and Emergency Medicine. Have a great day!

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I actually read “The Hastings Report” (THR) regularly when I was in graduate school. I also enjoyed Atlantic Monthly too. Since I had too much scientific stuff that was “must read” I always enjoyed something that I could read and think about. I love the writing style in THR. The articles are well researched and well written.
American Family Physician is a great read for pre-med and med types. If you really want something to put you to sleep at night, pull out a copy of Contemporary Surgeon. ZZZZzzz!

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My favorite is Science News. A weekly with news tidbits in the areas of math, physics, chem, bio, medicine, astronomy, nature and other nifty science topics - I used to read it between classes at our college library, now I get it at home to keep my science vocab fresh! They even have a kids online version! has a case presentation email subscription they send out (free). They give a case hx and maybe a radiograph or something to look at and you guess the diagnosis. You then click the link and they tell you what the diagnosis was!

Medscape is a nice compilation of current medical news and conference info. It even has a med. student version.

There is a great website that gives daily research news: