June 16th - how will you check your MCAT scores?

So in only a few days, I will be logging on to the MCAT THx site to discover my MCAT score. I am trying to figure out the best approach - should I have a couple of glasses of wine first? should I be stone cold sober? should I check amongst close friends or on the phone with my mom? should I check alone? Are people planning to go out thursday night? I’d love to hear other people’s MCAT score checking plans!

That’s a really great question. I’m not there yet, so I never have thought about the best way to check. After a couple of glasses of wine sounds like the way to go. You’ll have a good start on a celebration, or a good start on drowning your sorrows. I’m sure it will be a celebration though. Good Luck!

Well, I have no idea how I did, hopefully at least as well as my practice tests. I think I’m going to look at the scores by myself. And if they’re good, I’m going to call/email everyone I know. Then I’ll have a huge party! And the wine sounds good too! I will be sure to have a large supply of chocolate and Dr. Pepper close by in case my score isn’t what I want it to be. Either way, it’ll be nice to know finally. Why does it take them 9 weeks to grade a mostly scantron test?! Oh well. Good luck everyone!

I just spoke with my boyfriend who is a statistician. He said they have standardize and scale the raw results (or whatever), but he also said it’s nothing they shouldn’t be able to do in 10 minutes. He said it’s more likely that they are looking for data patterns that would identify cheating.
My guess is just that, like any other office, they are understaffed.

I am already sitting here with a sparkling water (very sparse alcohol intake here ). Hopefully I won’t have to cry into my pillow.
Oh yes, I AM neurotic about this.