Just a check-in with all the lurkers and newbies!!

HI Old Pre Meds!

I have been conspicuously absent from this area of the forums, but have been diligent about my Diary.

I SOOOO want to welcome every newbie on the forum, and everyone who is thinking about this AMAZING journey to med school!!

i began the journey to JUST get my pre-reqs in the spring of 2012, but have been on the forum since fall of 2011. My Diary is “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been…”

I just finished my first real full time semester back at school. Let me tell you this - tough, trying, difficult, and WORTH every minute of it!!! I don’t recall being this happy since 2009. That’s a long time to have been unhappy with career, relationships, life, etc.

AT this point…sitting on my back porch, peacefully, in the sun, with cats and bird, listening to the forest noises, drinking coffee, watching my grades for the semester trickle in and feeling PEACE in my heart and spirit about having taken this leap of faith into the great unknown. Risking everything to create a clean slate, start over, and pursue long dormant dreams is a journey everyone should consider. One of the MD’s I worked with Maryland said, Jokingly< “Everyone should try being a doctor, at least once in their lifetime!”

This journey is not ALWAYS for everyone. But the farther I go, I am dead certain it is for me.

Welcome to the story of your life. Awakening dreams, hard decisions, and tremendous satisfying moments await you.

My motto? You will hear it OVER and OVER…"NEVER TOO OLD!!!

Rock on Old Pre Meds, Rock ON!!!

Thanks for this! We so need inspiration. The more the better! :wink: