Just a couple of questions

I just have a few questions. Number 1, I was wondering if any of you have experience with adcoms at UT southwestern in Dallas and their views on nontrad students? As far as volunteering and such, I work full time as a nurse (9 years in med/surg and by the time I’m done, 7 years in newborn nursery) and beginning next semester, I will be taking a full time school schedule as well, so there is little time for volunteering. Since I do work in the health care field, will that be sufficient, or do I need to add a few hours to my day and find a way to volunteer?

My other questions is re: the admissions process… I am fairly new to this so I am just looking for input. I have just figured out which classes I am going take in which semesters, and if all goes well, I will be finished with my BS in Biology in the fall of 2015. I know the process begins a year before 1st year, but can I begin the process in my last semester of school, or do I have to be done before I start, and therefore wait another year?

I know I have a few years to go, but I want to make sure my ducks are in a row and I want to know what to expect. Thanks for your input!

I cannot answer your first question, but the way the process usually works is like this:

When you look at your undergrad plan, plan on taking the MCAT in the spring of your next to last year, typically the third year in a simple four year plan. That means by that time you should have covered General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology (upper level), and Physics. This is so you will be able to do the MCAT. Plan on leaving a course out of that semester and dedicate it to MCAT study time, just as if it was a scheduled class.

In the summer you will get your MCAT results, at which point, if your happy with them, you go ahead and apply to the med schools you’re interested in.

If your not happy, you can have a second shot at it during the summer, and then apply once those results are returned.

During the fall semester of your final year of undergrad work you take the upper level pre-med courses that you don’t necessarily need for the MCAT but will round out your degree, finish up any remaining entrance requirement hours and help you in medical school, such as histology and pathophysiology.

Responses should start coming in during the fall/winter at which point you will start the interview process. Final acceptance/rejection decisions are sent out in the Spring (this I’m not absolutely sure of the timing on) so you can start making plans for moving to your med school.