Just a quick "HEY!"

Just wanted to drop in and say “Hey” to everybody… I’ve been in a black hole since the semester started… been sooooo busy…with not a lot of time to come by and check in and see how everybody’s doing.
I’m taking 14 hours this semester… Physics II, Physiology, Quant. Chemistry (Chem II here) and I’m TAing a non-majors bio lab… and studying for the MCAT.
It’s been a harsh semester so far and I’m in the mode of trying to figure out how to get what I want/need out of this semester. Something tells me it’ll all work out though.
The MCAT here is april 17th, and I’m prepping for it by taking an MCAT prep course, reading Kaplan, and listening to Examkrackers Audio Osmosis CDs. A friend of mine is also passing on some old practice tests to me… so I have those to peruse as well…I hope that I will be ready.
I’m gearing up to apply this summer to as it stands now, only 3 schools… I will apply to 2 locals first and then to one out of the country as I would like to “settle” there… but who knows. It is my first choice in location, but last choice in logistics.
I hope to get caught up soon with everybody and “meet” all the newbies that have signed on.
Take care all!

Good to hear from you! Can relate to your semester!