Just a thought..Or suggestion..


I was just pondering this, it seems to me that alot of people always have questions about CC versus the University. When it pertains to Med School. Would it be possible to comprise a sticky of maybe like FAQ’s or something. I do not personally need this, but there are so many multiple threads about this, that it seems to me like a reasonable suggestion to save time and threads? Just an idea.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday!!

Excellent suggestion, Maddux. I could try to put one together, when I have some free time. Or if you want to do one, please feel free.

Since there’s no absolute right or wrong regarding CC courses it’s risky to take a strong stand on the subject. The premed advisors and admissions officers say no, yet some people successfully matriculate with CC courses under their belt.

It could be that medical schools don’t know it’s a community college unless they scrutinize the student’s record. As I recall, the AAMC transcript form has these abbreviated codes for the various colleges and universities. But it’s been a while; maybe someone else can confirm this.