Just a word about FUD for the Newbies

I hope that this doesn’t discourage anyone as I mean it as more of encouragement, but as I sit here looking over BioChem for next semester and reading what will be my anatomy text book next fall I realized that FUD never leaves. You would thin by this point having paid my deposit and just counting the days til med-school, FUD would be completely gone. But looking over this stuff still has me going WTH have I gotten myself into, there is no way I can do this.

Here’s the funny thing though as you get father along you learn how to beat those FUD moments. You think they don’t just let people into US medical schools that they can “gamble” on. It’s not like they looked at my application and said “aww heck he’s woth the risk”. NO, they look at every application and say “we can make him a Dr.”. So if these strangers have confidence in me then screw FUD.

When you are doing your applications and you need letters of rec, your professors aren’t going to write a letter for someone they don’t think will get accepted. So screw FUD.

They don’t just let anyone into post-bacc programs or closed classes, so screw FUD.

And when you started feeling lost in your career and wondering what you are going to do next and your spouse, loved one, or mentor says “Go take that Bio class, see whats out there.” It’s not becuase they think you are fooling yourself or that they are placating you, it’s because they know you and know what you can do. So SCREW FUD.

FUD will probably be a part of this process every step of the way, but you always have to remember is that if this is your true path FUD will always be beaten.

Hopping on the “SCREW FUD” bus!

So very true - my biochem professor is, or was, on the med school adcom. He has faith in me or he would not advise me on how to excel in his class, would not instruct me on what courses to take, and would not otherwise, waste his time if he did not think me worthy of the MD title.


Great thoughts!!!

Screw FUD.

So, I’m done with my first semester of med school - and I have to tell you that the FUD does not stop. But…you get better at handling it. The more you do thing that everyone else thinks is “too difficult” the better you get at tackling bigger and better challenges. Yes, med school is hard. Yes, no matter how well you did in your prereqs, you will have moments when you think, “what on earth am I doing here?” But, you just acknowledge it and get to work. Each new class presents a challenge, but you overcome each one, and then you actually realize that you do belong there. The FUD doesn’t go away…but it means less and less as you gain confidence in yourself as a med student.

FUD really hits the first time your are managing the cardiac arrest!