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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself because I was accepted to Georgetown University’s PBPM program two days ago. While I’m still waiting to hear from other schools (VCU, American, Brandeis), I’m pretty certain that I will ultimately attend Georgetown. Only problem is that it begins in two weeks! So, in the mean time I have to truly sit down and think about it, quit my job, find somewhere to live and all that fun stuff before I return to college.

Anyway, some background on me. I graduated from William and Mary with a degree in History in 2007 (just a year ago). Soon after graduating, I began to work in a Clinic in Arlington, Virginia, where my interest in Medicine peaked. I had always been interested in Medicine, but for some reason got distracted by college and my interest in world culture and history. During my Junior year, right before I went to study abroad in Belgium, I revisited the pre-med option and spoke with an advisor, who recommended I wait a few years and do a post-bacc program after getting my BA. Which is where I am now.

While I’m still a little nervous about what the future brings, I’m convinced that working somewhere within healthcare is what I ultimately want to do.

So, anyone have any experience with Georgetown’s program?

So… yes. Hi everyone!

First off, congrats on your acceptance into the post-bacc at Georgetown. You are definitely on your way!

I am doing an informal post-bacc route myself, wanting to expunge debt before I hit med school, I’m working part-time while taking classes full time. Fortunately, my job is somewhat flexible and very understand, making this process a little bit easier to handle. I just finished my first semester back with a 4.0 in Gen Chem I and Gen Physics I and just started a seven week course in Gen Bio I. With that said, good luck to you!

My friend, whom I know through undergrad and social clubs, just finished Georgetown’s PBPM program. She actually made her first post responsing to another individual’s question regarding formal post-bacc programs.

Take a look here: http://www.oldpremeds.org/fusionbb/showtopic.php?t…

Again congrats and gl buttoning up last minute details before you dive in!

Let me also add congrats to both getting into Georgetown and to starting on this journey to medicine. In addition to having some OPM’ers who have attended the university, Georgetown has been active with our group. Last year, Dr. Adam Myers, who I believe was involved with the special masters PB program as in now an associate dean of the medical school, spoke at our conference in Chicago. This year we have Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman, an Associate Professor at the

Georgetown University School of Medicine, who also spoke at our conference in 2005.

Keep us informed