Just an Introduction!

I’ve been on and off this site for awhile now and realized I’ve never properly introduced myself. So, here goes:

I am 40 years old with a Bachelors degree (print journalism) and a Masters degree (Public Administration). I’ve worked in several occupations (the military, retail sales, factory, security, etc.). I’ve had an interest in the medical field and doctors in particular for many years now, but never seriously entertained the thought of entering medical school until now. You see, like many people, I was under the impression that a person had to be a genius and with perfect grades to even become a doctor. Only after much research did I discover the truth: many dedicated people become doctors through determination, hard work, and a reasonable amount of intelligence. So, I have decided to undertake the journey to medical school. I am in the process of applying for entrance into a post-bacc program and hope to begin my studies in fall 2010. To everyone beginnning the journey or in the midst of it, I wish you well and look forward to reading your posts!


Lots of 40-ish folks here to communicate with. I’m 40 and beginning my second semester in the pre-requisites (Chem 2, Bio 2, and Physics 1). Hang tough and keep in touch with all of us!


Hi - another print journalism major here (hooray!). I’m also hoping to start a formal post bac program this fall (I’ve got about 3/4 of my application turned in; just waiting on the recommendation letters and a couple of odds and ends).

Welcome to the forum, and to the journey.

Hi everyone,

I’m also new to the forum and am thinking about taking the plunge. However, I’d first like to gain some experience volunteering at hospitals and shadowing physicians. Any ideas/advice?

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I am excited about a career in medicine and have determined to “stay the course.” I hope each of you will also continue your pursuit to medical school and keep posting updates regarding your journey.

I hope we are both extremely successful so we can showcase our journalistic abilities in future medical research! :O)