Just an suggestion....

Greetings All OPM members,

First of all, I just wanted to reiterate to all the new members and those who are still not “official members” but stop by to read read all the wisdom that continuously flows from our beloved site. The fact is, I challenge anyone to find a more supportive, loyal, enthusiatic and outreaching medical/pre-med forum and community than ours.

I will save you the time, it cannot be done.

I wanted to suggest to our more senior members and board that we consider making a “sticky” thread for all the new people who stop by and join our site, who have questions and/or concerns over the long debated and discussed topic of community colleges and universities. Their benefits and their lack thereof.

Just reading last night of another member or two, or three who were questioning the comparisons of CC’s with universities. I personaly feel we make do with what we can, at the given times in our lives.

Some of us can go to a university and do. Some can, yet cannot afford to. Others academically or for whatever reason must attend a community college.

So my suggestion again, would it be possible to save time for people in the forums, especially new members or browsers; to creat some sort of FAQ list or “Most commonly asked questions about community college” thread that would be stickied.

Since there are so many, numerous, numerous threads with this given topic I feel it could be warranted. Just my little humble opinion.

If this is deamed unacceptable or not possible, I will still continue to assist in whatever fashion I may. However, others may benefit more greatly if we could compile some sort of “all-encompassing” sticky on the community college topic.

In closing, I just want to say thanks to all the great people we have here. Without these people, this site would not be what it is. I will continue to try and do my part and give back everthing I feel I have gained from being here.

maddux, I think all we need to do is round up all MY posts questioning CC vs 4 year. I think I may have asked a kajillion questions (is that even a number?) before making a decision. LOL

SDN does a great job at sticky posts that I’ve found immensely useful. would be great if OPM could do something similar!

Conceptually, the idea is great. However, the application of it has been the challenge. We have, in the past, had iterations of what you suggested in an effort to organize and reduce the amt of repetition. The reality ended up being minimal change - folks always have a twist on their situation that they feel makes it sufficiently unique as to merit a separate thread. And, since the information was alreay there - in the sticky - some (a small minority) seemed toexpress an inordinate amount of angst. So, in the end, we let the sticky/FAQ thing go by the wayside. Yes, I know SDN uses them…but I challenge you to find that their presence has achieved the expressed goal.

On the more “warm & fuzzy” side - in the Board’s eyes, a huge contributor to making OPM unique and engender the characteristics you extolled upon is the very human-to-human interactions that would potentially be reduced. How we would prefer you looked at it is there someone new to OPM who does not know we are a large, electronic family who needs a helping hand extended to them. Sure, their question(s) may have been largely addressed elsewhere; however, by helping them, you are encouraging them to join our support/supportive network.

I understand there is a challenge to sticky’s. But, it would still be nice to try one again. Maybe there is enough members currently that are willing to attempt to be organized and post correctly. Can you give a certain person (a faithful OPM that is computer savvy) the ability to move someone’s post to the correct sticky topic?

I would hate for someone to be ignored too long, when there are answers out there.


(EDIT: I failed to mention originally, though I am one of the more young OPMS, still in my twenties, you couldn’t get me to waste my time or electricity on SDN. I have actually been there and read some threads, and ended up sending a few people private messages promoting us here. There is no comparison at all. Thanks again Dave.)

I understand that dilemma. There is so much information and time it would consume to compile everything in order to have just a relevant sticky would be difficult, but not impossible.

I was just thinking of some way to be able to give that more personal touch or “reaching out” and still being able to give something for the CC students to use as an reference point at the same time…

No worries, it was just something I had been thinking of for quite some time and finally decided to just lay out my idea.

I do appreciate getting your feedback on the idea either way. There is just so many threads about the CC students and the uni’s I would love to be able to help reference them at any given time, I suppose that is not the most pratical way of doing it. Thank you anyhow, I will just keep trying to advise the best I can!



Is a kajillion more or less than a bajillion, cause I have a bajillion things going through my head right now. I need to relax. I need to pet a cat…or 2…or 3…or 4…