Just checking in after a long absence.

Saludos de Mèxico.
Well, I have not posted (or read) anything on this site since February (I believe). I’ve been living in rural Mèxico (currently in the mountains of southern Jalisco) learning Spanish and a bit about rural health, teaching English, and psyching myself up for a return to school to take my prerequisites.
I decided to go to Mèxico before returning to the university because I needed a vacation; I have not had a real vacation since 1994. I have just spent 3 months assisting several paraplegics and doing some rural health interventions in another rural village, and now I’m in rural Jalisco. Actually, I´m in another larger village 25 miles away in order to use the Internet. There is no Internet service in the village where I’m staying, in fact, there are only 5 public telephones, and only a few people have computers. Even the electricity doesn´t run all the time. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay there, but I’ll be in Mèxico another month. I won’t be fluent in Spanish, but it is a start. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish (just like I’ve always wanted to particiapte in healthcare).
I’ll keep y’all posted. In my spare time, I’ve working on my study skills in preparation for doing the science basics. I have not taken a hard
core science course in over 20 years.
Andale pues. Muchas suerte a todo.


Thank you for thinking of us during your trip. Your time in Mexico sounds wonderful - and, not to mention the espanol! I’m sure you have learned a lot from your efforts in rural health. When you have some time, please share some things that you have experienced.

Enjoy your time in Mexico. We wish you a safe return. Also, good luck in your preparations for the hard sciences.

Buena suerte!

Pfff…hard sciences??? They’re going to be nothing compared to what you’ve been doing in Mexico. Good luck as you finish up and start the coursework. Maybe you can be the inspiration for yearly organized treks by groups of OPM’ers to go out and do some volunteer work throughout the world! My wife and I are all up for it–anyone else?
Enjoy the remainder of the summer everyone! It’s coming to an end too quickly.