just checking in....

Hi 2006 MCAT study group! I am just checking in and also confirming that we are still starting on November 13.

Hi…so far Nov. 13 is a go. There were several other people interested in going through 2x but I haven’t heard back from them. Hopefully they’ll see our new forum!
Do you have all the books? Did you get the 1001 questions books? I didn’t get them and was curious to see if they were worth it. Anyways…I look forward to studying with you!

Hi Bea! I don’t have my own books yet but hoping to have them soon (my order is expected to arrive by early next week). I do however, have a set that my friend just used for the August 05 exam but she needs them back because she is going to retest in April 06. Looking forward to studying with you as well.