Just checking in

Hi all, I thought I’d pop in and see how everyone’s semester is going. We are still struggeling on the day care front. I was able to land a second job that pays twice what I am making at Mc Donald’s however, daycare is still an issue so I can only work a few hours a week. We’ve interviewed countless in home care centers all of which are full, a full time preschool that had serious safety violations and then fired the last person we hired on the realization that the child abuse state clearance she handed me was a forgery.

I had no idea it was this tough to find simply someone lol, but as a result, I’m home for this semester and hoping to jump into at least a math class for spring.

Our local unit chief basically told me I was taking the EMT-B course so at least I won’t get too terribly rusty with the study skills. That meets only twice a week at night when daddy is home for the kidlets. It’s a pretty large class for our area, but I doubt they will all stay. We started with near 30 for the first responder class and only 10 went the state test.

Oh and I just took EVOC…yeah these people are going to trust me behind the wheel of an ambulance. What are they thinking?

I know pre hospital care is different than general practice, but none the less, it’s more in healthcare than I get offering super cholesteral induced potatoes to people so it keeps me engaged. Plus I like getting out with my community so it keeps me happy.

How’s everyone’s courses going? I’m rooting for straight A’s for you guys/and gals on your tests, and for super exciting lab experiments.

Half way to the end of the semester for you all…and half way to another attempt at school for me! Best of luck guys!

Hi Susan! It’s good to “see” you. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with the daycare stuff. Hopefully you get that atraightened out very soon. You must be so antsy to get back into the grind. The EMT stuff sounds very positive though in the meantime. Hang in there!