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What is the starting salary for non-surgical physicians? I know there are still many different areas but from low to high. I am not sure what area I want to work in, I thought pediatrics…I would love to help kids. The money is not everything at all but I would like(need) to make more than 90k.

That’s going to vary by location, and specialty. Peds I believe starts out in the 120 range? If you specialize further(I believe it’s an additional year of residency) you will hit in the 150 range. If you go private practice you’ll make more, but also have to consider overhead. Of course this is all offset by the 100k +(on average) cost of education, so you have to factor that in. when it’s all said and done you’ll make a good living. There’s a couple of physician salary surveys around- maybe someone else has a link handy?

I will be in NYC or long island…don’t want to move

Here is a site I stubbled onto.


Here is another site where you can add your zip code and it will give you the info you are asking about. I like this site because you can check lots of fields and locations. put in your zip code then your field of interest and then click the basic report box. It is slow though, only drawback.


Here is another site with some salary info.

Oh my gosh did you see what the max was for a spinal surgeon $1,352,000

Amy did you also see that the Premiums for BEING a Spinal surgeon were close to $400,000/annum? Kinda puts it in perspective.


Amy did you also see that the Premiums for BEING a Spinal surgeon were close to $400,000/annum? Kinda puts it in perspective.

YIKES Actually my husband and I were taking about that last night. He said well after mal practice insurance they probably get $500. Anyone know what a primary care physician pays for malpractice insurance?

Amy, off the top of my head the number I heard for a family medicine doc was less than $10K/yr. if not doing OB. I could be totally off but I swear I heard a four-figure number somewhere.

Beware of tables listing average starting salaries. Among salaried physicians, starting salaries are often artificially high while the physician is “on guarantee” (meaning their salary is not tied somehow to productivity). Health plans and other organizations that employ salaried physicians are notorious for luring new doctors with high starting salaries, which are guaranteed only for a year or two, and then putting them on a productivity-based compensation plan that forces them to work a lot harder to make the same amount of money.
According to the AAFP (http://www.aafp.org/fpm/20030900/monitor.html): “Family physicians’ average income (after expenses but before taxes) reached $142,400 in 2002, according to the AAFP’s 2003 Practice Profile I survey. For the past several years, family physicians’ average income has hovered around $134,000.”
“For the first time, the annual survey also asked about family physicians’ medical malpractice premiums, which have reportedly been rising nationwide. According to the survey, FPs’ premiums averaged $12,300 for basic coverage in 2002, although policy types varied widely among respondents.”