Just double-checking...

For about 4 weeks now, my AMCAS app has had the status “Submitted to AMCAS - Ready for Review AMCAS has received a copy of all required transcripts and has placed the application in line to be reviewed by an AMCAS verifier.”

I’m assuming this is just because they’re swamped, and sometime within the next ~2 weeks, they’ll (hopefully) get to it.

But since this is what it is, I figured I’d double-check: I’m reading this, right? That my app has stalled at this point for so long just means they’re behind, not that something’s borked with my application?

Thanks for the peace of mind .


if anything, just call them and ask.


You can always call and ask, if it’s going to give you a peace of mind. Be prepared though to be put on hold forever. I remember that it took almost a month for my application to be verified after they received all the paperwork; and I think I submitted mine a little bit earlier than you did. So you might actually have to wait a little bit longer. But again…it will probably make you feel better if you hear the same thing from them :). So just give them a call and make sure everything is in place!

Thanks for the reassurance :). I got an email today out of the blue saying that my application has been processed. Now for the next steps… :>

Before you know it, Adam, the secondaries and then the interview invitations will be rolling in!

Haha, yeah Linda - it’s snowballing rapidly, I tell ya. I started actually getting secondaries the day I submitted AMCAS, and a second batch came in once they actually had my grades.

Since my MCAT scores come out in a week, I’m going to wait to see those before determining which secondaries to complete. I expect I’ll end up submitting them all anyway - provided I have the constitution for it.

  • pi1304 Said:
I expect I'll end up submitting them all anyway - provided I have the constitution for it.

If by constitution you mean $$$, then fire away! ... and good luck!