Just joined and wanted to say HI!

WOW! what a great site! Thank God this exists and that someone in another forum linked to it.

My story is similar and different then others I have read this morning already.

I had a good base of math/science studies leaving HS, went to the University of Florida (GO GATORS) as a Aerospace Eng major and did fairly well fresh year. 2nd year joined a Frat and all wnet downhill fast - left school after that semester. Went into the Army after working for a car dealership in sales for a couple of years and rec’d a good education in the early days of cellular communications. Upon my exit from the Army I landed a job selling WIFI gear at the very early days of WIFI. I made a bunch of money and was living the dream (not bad for a college drop-out). However my wife went back to CC and started getting on my case for not doing the same, so I started with a class here and there. Well I am glad to say that I rec’d my AA last Dec. Since my return to CC I have rec’d all A’s (amazing what happens when you pay for it yourself instead of Mom and Dad), but I am still crucified with my GPA thanks to my party semester 2.8 over-all at the CC - but hopefully I get a nice chance to explain my break and distinctly different grades from then and NOW. Hopefully the NOW means something.

Now for the big stuff - My company unfortunately was sold and I was let go - well I landed a job with the competition which has me working from home (big bonus to study when needed). This past summer I had an epiphany - I hate what I do and want to change from business to pre-med and go to med-school. Well I am 36 now and do not have a degree yet.

I am currently still enrolled in CC and am currently signed up for Chem I (and lab) and Physics I (and lab) hope to get through that and II’s for each next semester, then on to Bio I & II for summer next year and then OChem I & II. then I plan on transferring to FAU to seek the degree in Bio. then on to Med-school.

I am glad to find this site now at the beginning of my pre-med journey, rather then missing out on what everyone has to offer.

I picked up a Kaplans MCAT book yesterday and it almost seemed like you are better off taking MCATs right after I finish with OChem I&II as all my classes will have been just completed.

is this a bad thing?

Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope to keep up with eveyone as I progress and others do towards being one of those 40 something med students.



Boca Raton, FL


Thanks for sharing your story…GO GATORS! I went to UF and majored in engineering too. Took me 7 years to finally graduate with a BS…early years took their toll on my GPA as well. Its hard to look back through my trascripts…all of those mistakes are still there on paper.

I went on to get a MAster’s in Engineering as well, and did pretty good. Upper division was so much easier (3.85 GPA) - in any case, Engineering was never really where I wanted to be, but I was certain my old grades had destroyed any medical school chances…then I found this site. SO many people with stories similar to my own - and figured I would give it a try!

I start Post. bac at UF on the 24th…I’m 34 with two kids, so it will be a challenge to say the least!

Good luck to you!

Jamie, the only thing I’d say is that you will likely be much better off to do some of your prerequisites at the 4-year college instead of the CC. You can search for many, many previous discussions on the topic of community colleges…

welcome to OPM and good luck to you!


I do understand your point Mary and thanks for the advice, however FAU is horrible for undergrad sciences and rather then sit in an Auditorium and basically have to learn on my own, I am much more motivated to take the 35 person class and have a professor that actually cares if I learn and is not there for grants and research. I will do the searches in the forums - and maybe will transfer to FAU at the end of this year instead of doing Bio and OChem at PBCC -

Being that I have been out of the core sciences for sooooooooo long now - BIO (20 yrs) Chem (19 years) and Physics (18 years) I wanted to tet myself in Chem I and Phys I at the CC level before possibly letting a crappy professor seal my fate.

I did speak to a buddy of mine at UF that just graduated with honors in Bio and is applying and he stated that CC core sciences didn’t seem to hurt if you ACED them and your professors were willing to write you a nice Letter of Recommendation.

I am still in a BIG information gathering time about this Pre-med section of my life and so I do take your advice to heart - Especially since you have that lovely MD attached to your name, which I hope to have some day.

Welcome to the family!! This group of individuals will help you with a vast treasure chest of knowledge. Some have been there and done that, and some are there doing it! We are all supportive of one another! Hope you stay and keep us informed!

One thing I will add to my above postings - Palm Beach Community College has recently added a BAS program and is changing names to Palm Beach State College.

So my school I am now enrolled in is actually a 4 year program, but I am primarily there now to just get through

Chem I & II with Labs

Physics I & II with Labs

Bio I & II with Labs

OChem I & II with Labs

then transfer up to FAU to finish off a BS in Bio

Welcome to the forum, Jamie. I’m in a similar situation as you. I am just getting started on my post-bacc classes. I have similar questions on when to fit in the MCAT. Is the stuff you learn in Organic Chem. crucial to your MCAT score?