Just looking for confirmation that this stress is normal

I am new to the premed journey, but have always had a fascination for science and medicine. However, I had some missteps in undergrad and finish my BS in Biology with a cGPA of 2.67. At the time I didn’t know about post-bacc programs and so I switched tracks and focused on some things in my personal life. Fast forward to today, I’m 31 years old, graduated last May (2020) with my MA in Clinical Psychology, and am currently working as a Resident in Counseling (essentially a therapist with supervision). I enjoy my job and love helping my clients, but I also feel slightly empty inside - as if I should be doing more to care for them holistically (i.e. both physical and mental health). I’ve listened tons of Dr.Gray’s podcasts and done lots of research about the application process, and feel relatively comfortable about what I need to do regarding that part of it. So, I guess what I’m really looking for here is just some confirmation that I’m not alone in feeling a bit stressed out about leaving my current career path to more directly pursue medicine. Did anyone else feel this way when starting out?

Also, I’m not sure how to break the news to my family (wife and parents) as my previous hints have not been received with much support. Any methods of sharing this news with loved ones that has worked well for anyone else?


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Hello fellow nontrad!

Yes I think this is normal. I started to feel the same stress when I went down to the minimum amount of part time as I was focusing on school and studying for the MCAT. I had looked at only taking a class per semester and lengthening it out but then I realized it would be a lot longer if I did it that way. Find whatever way it will work for you and your family and do it!

After I started listening to the podcasts by Dr. Gray and looking up other premed infomation and really diving into the medical route, I knew that I would be changing my career as a nurse to one that was geared toward medical school. Once I knew I was already all in, I told my wife and family. They were very supportive, mostly because when they asked questions about what would happen if something else would come up in life, I told them that I would figure it out because going to medical school and becoming a physician is really what I want to do!

So once you figure out if you are all in or not, take the plunge and follow it! Good luck on your journey!

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