Just some bio angst

Can’t seem to hone in still on what needs studied. I think I completely bombed the exam. It’s just so specific and I can’t figure out which specifics are important.


I understand that - it happens at all levels. It’s entirely possible that you didn’t do as badly as you think. Worst case, you can use it as a learning experience, for the next test and for other classes. Soldier on, and good luck!

Now is a good time to meet with the instructor to find out what you’re doing wrong in your approach to studying. It’s also good to go to some lengths to form a study group, preferably with a bunch of competitive, anal-retentive pre-med types, to quiz each other a couple of times a week. Believe me, you’ll get your minutiae that way. Don’t give up on yourself, but don’t just try to feel better. Really dig to figure out what you need to correct.

Denise, I’ve already spoken w/ the professor. It does happen to be a time issue too. I just simply ran out of time to study effectively, and yet, I studied non stop for this class.

I’ll figure it out I suppose.

The problem is the prof is reading the textbook for the first time with us since it’s her first semester as a lecture prof (usually teaches lab). So she doesn’t even know what she’s testing on until after she makes up a review sheet (which btw had things on it that were neither in the lecture notes nor the book). There’s really no way to figure out her testing style as she hasn’t honed in on it herself. I told my husband next exam I don’t care if I need to go in a few times the week before the exam, I’m spending the gas money to do it. I need the focus.

C’est la vie. Live and learn and all that jazz. I’m just…blah.