Just starting the pre-med process...again.

Hello everyone,

I’m a first time poster, and after browsing this website as an anonymous person for a while, I know already people have been in the same boat as me.

A little background about myself, my cumulative GPA was a 3.1, and I took most of the pre-med reqs(didn’t do very well in those, my science GPA was like 2.87), but I mainly took the pre-med courses because my parents wanted me to go to med school,and I wanted to go into the technology industry because I was a computer science major. I graduated college back in 2005, and now I’m a software engineer. Long story short I wish I listened to my parents now heh.

I took all the pre-med classes 5 years ago (except physics 2), and I got pretty much all B’s and one A (organic chemistry). I got two C’s in Organic Chemistry 2 and physics 1.

I can explain my C’s easily…it was my last semester and I just didn’t care because I wanted to be into the tech industry; I know I can do better than that. I literally never showed up to classes even when there was a quiz…I’m somewhat surprised I got C’s actually considering how much I slacked off.

Anyway I’m wondering if for my post-bac if it makes sense to re-take the classes which I got B grades in (pretty much all Bio classes and General Chemistry). Personally I’d like to retake the B classes because I know my study habits were terrible back then, I was a last minute crammer. With better study habits I feel I can pull those B grades to A’s. I definitely don’t want to retake Organic Chem. 1 because I got an A already in it. I’d rather learn Org. Chem 1 on my own and just re-take Org Chem 2 to bring up the C. I’m scared to take upper level undergrad courses because I don’t remember the basics.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Currently I’m signed up to take a General Chem 1 class in the fall (I’ll be working full-time while taking courses), and I am excited to get started.

Hi Lucifer,

Welcome! I’m sure that there are many of us that wish we listened to our folks…

Your GPA and science GPA are on the low side, and while you may make some screenings…it’ll be tough. Remember that whenever you retake courses, your grades will be averaged if you are pursuing a MD. OTOH, if you decide to go DO, you can retake those classes and increase your GPA considerably. The other factor in the process is the MCAT, but I would make sure that you do a good review before you consider scheduling it.

You might want to also take some upper level classes to beef up your application.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks for the reply Krisss17,

It will definitely be an uphill battle. I am interested in DO schools and the philosophy behind it, and I open to going to foreign medical schools as well if need be. Do all DO schools take the new grade instead of the old grade?

Would it make sense to retake lab classes which I got A grades in? I’m currently signed up for to take a chem lab class in the fall, and I got a B in chemistry before but I got an A in the lab. This was probably back in 2004 when I took these courses.

I am definately going to look into taking higher level courses to help further bump up my GPA, and I heard some upper level classes help with the MCAT, which I havent taken yet.

Hey lucifer,

Unless the material is totally forgotten, I wouldn’t stress as much about B grades. I would probably retake the organic chem 2, not just because of the “C” but when you go onto biochemistry, it’ll get you more comfortable with reactions again.

As far as I know, all DO schools will do grade replacement. When you feel out the AACOMAS application there will be a segment where you write what classes you took the first time and what you replaced it with.

To raise your GPA, I would make sure to retake any class that you got a D or worse that is not an elective course or minor course. For example, if it is a math or science, I would definitely retake.

Good luck!