Kaplan a waste?

I’ve been browsing some of the entries here and have read several people saying that they thought Kaplan wasn’t worth it/wish they hadn’t spent the money.

Anyone use Kaplan (in class or online) and feel like it really helped? I’m considering it right now, however I’m going to check out examkrackers thanks to hearing a lot of recommendations!

I used Kaplan and I thought it was pretty good. Some people swear by Princeton. Exam Krackers has good books. It’s kind of hard to say which is best. When I took Kaplan it was still the paper MCAT test and I don’t know how well they have adapted their simulated tests to the newer computerized MCAT, but probably they have done a good job. I took their 3 month course, and did 5-6 full day practice tests, and I think it helped my MCAT score although my real MCAT was a couple of points below my best Kaplan. Nonetheless it was good enough.

Kaplan holds your hand and leads you through the entire process, which for $1700 or whatever it costs these days is only to be expected. When you get an ID, you can log on to their website and use Qbank to test yourself on specific subjects. The practice tests come with extensive explanations and statistics so that you can figure out your weak areas. On the day of the real MCAT, a Kaplan person showed up and handed out protein bars to everyone.

Best of luck and just think how great you’ll feel at the end of the exam!

Thanks, Terry. Examkrackers does appear to be a lot less expensive, I’m just trying to get a feel for if Kaplan is worth the money. Did you take a classroom course with them?

BTW, are you in Tuscon? I’m working on my MPH at UofA.

I took Princeton and then had to drop out after a few weeks.

I then took Kaplan and stuck with it until my MCAT. In my opinion it was definitely worth it - at least for me it was. I took the in-class version.

The instructor interaction was an excllent guide to the material, and QBank and the online material was really helpful.

Disclaimer: These are just my 2c and my experience. Take it FWIW.

yes I was in the weekly class and I definitely feel it was worth it. This was Cambridge, Mass., and the teachers were top notch, really knew their stuff. A lot of the students were Harvard undergrads. I’ve heard that Kaplan teachers vary in quality even in an “ivy league” city like Boston, so definitely check out who is teaching in your area and don’t just go with whomever they assign you to. You may find it worth your while to drive a longer distance to a different class if the teacher is a lot better.

I’m in Glendale at AZCOM. I didn’t apply to U of A, not being in-state at the time

I did Kaplan back in 2001 (wow, that seems so long ago) and thought it was worth every penny. I needed the structure (I treated it like an actual course). I thought they were right on with the material. My Physics was 9 years old. I decided not to retake it, but reviewed it with Kaplan instead and I did fine on the MCAT. However, like Terry, I was still the old paper format.

I also did Kaplan’s Q-Bank for Steps I, 2, and 3. If I could have found a way with my schedule I would have done a formal course for Step I also.

I think if I’ve learned anything about studying and exams in this whole process that there is the information you need to know so that you can be a good clinician and there is the information you need to pass the standardized tests and they are not necessarily always the same info. Kaplan was good at helping me focus on the material that was needed for the test.

Thanks to everyone!

I think the structure in the classroom course would be really useful, but I may have to do online/self study. I’ve got to weigh out some options at this point.

I’m not sure, but I think they might let you sit in on one class for free? If not, you may be able to get in by asking. That might tell you if it’s more up your alley.

Even for a procrastinator like me, I didn’t go that route. I did get a lot of good use from ExamKrackers, and I did have access to some testing material & books from Princeton and Kaplan. All helped in their own way.

My own experience was that the Kaplan classes weren’t that good, but the Kaplan materials overall were excellent, and the study schedule helped me get and stay organized in the months leading up to the MCAT.

My first post:) Anyone taken the princeton review course at UA Tucson? If so, how did it go for you?