Kaplan MCAT practice test

Kaplan is offering a practice MCAT this weekend at my school. I was thinking maybe I should take it and determine if I will need to pay $1300 for their course or not. Does anyone think this may be a waste of 3 hours and maybe a set-up anyways since they may want to make it so difficult that I feel I definitely need to take their course ?

I took their online practice exam (after I had the class, just for more practice) and did pretty well on it. I didn't think it was unrealistically hard. However, if you haven't studied at all yet, don't get freaked out by a score lower than you expect. Of course, I'm assuming it's the same test, but I doubt they have changed it.
Have fun!

hey i am taking the kaplan mcat practice test next week at my school, how did urs go?