Kaplan pre-health admissions consulting packages???

Anyone ever sign up for the Kaplan admissions consulting packages? I’m curious how beneficial it was for you and would you recommend it? Is the advising worth the high cost of $100-$150/hr???



Hi Kristopher,

I know someone who used it and he liked it. They were kind of like a high school guidance counselor where they identified schools where he would have a solid chance of getting into, schools where he might get into, and schools that would be a reach for him to get into. Thus far, the counselor has been on point w/ the the school recommendations. They also went over his AMCAS application including personal statement, and also did mock interviews with him. Overall, he was very happy w/ the counselor.

He received a $2000 dollar scholarship where he could use it to anything academic related so he did not have to spend the money himself on the counselor but again, he liked the counselor and the results.

Personally speaking though, I didn’t use these services (I utilized the services at the college I attended free of charge) and got into medical school. I think that is the case w/ most people here as well. So while it could be a useful aid, I don’t think its a necessary one in helping you reach your goal.