Kaplan Science Online??

Has anyone ever done the science review by Kaplan online for $499?? I’m wanting reviews before I decide what to do for August.

Yes, I have. Actually I got free kaplan online review when I registered for the MCAT prep class. The only thing I liked about it was that online review provides moving pictures to have us better understand the materials visually. Especially biology and organic was helpful.

I tried to post this the other day but it didn’t work I guess.
I signed up for the online Kaplan but I personally didn’t find it that helpful. I used examkrackers more. It was like reading a book online, and I didn’t think the animations were so useful. They also don’t make study aids available that are online for the classroom students. And it would have been more helpful if one could easily print out the materials for each section (you have to print page by page). Just my experience though - you may like it better. I signed up originally because I am not in an area that offers Kaplan courses or near a university where I could take review classes plus I was planning to take the computerized MCAT so I thought it would be good practice for that.

Well that doesn’t sound too promising. I really need the sciences boosted. Verbal was 11 without studying (which, considering my overall, 22, isn’t much to brag about, just don’t want to spend time doing something when others areas are so much in need! Is Examcrackers a book series or what?

Hi Kathy,
Examkrackers is a series of review books. They also have some books with extra sample questions. And they have the Audio osmosis cd series that reviews all the topics (in 12 cds). The commentary on the cds is pretty silly but at least it’s a different way to review and I found this helpful. Plus you can listen to them while you are doing something else - like the cleaning.

Cleaning? HA! Anyway, that sounds more my style so I’ll check in to it. How’s your cutie munchkin?

She’s great. Learning to read & write now, which is pretty exciting. She got her very first perfect spelling test this week - she hates spelling - and said to me, well, mom I guess my brain is working now finally. She’s designated one chair in the house as her ‘thinking chair’, where she claims she learns faster. I wish this method worked for me

No kidding! Me too. My daughter is a first grader and this was her year to learn to read. It is very exciting!