Kaplan v. Princeton Review?

Hi everyone,
I just found this site yesterday and have been enjoying reading all the posts. I am trying to make a decision about which review course to take to prepare for the April MCAT. I am in Tucson, AZ and the two available options are TPR and Kaplan. I figure that a course is probably the best way to go for me since I tend to be a crammer and am worried I will procrastinate studying until it is too late. I am also going to have a very light course load next semester and will have plenty of time to fit the class in. Does anyone have any experiences with Kaplan or Princeton Review? Is there anything you would recommend doing to supplement that course? Did you feel the quality of the lectures was good? Would taking the class help to make up for very poor teaching (though I did well in the classes) in General Chem and Physics? Thanks!

Hi Elizabeth,
I realize that it comes down to personal preference, but as I took both cources years ago, I would have to vote for the Princeton Review. All of the offerings will adequately cover the material, however the Princeton approach seems a bit less intense. Currently I am using the Princeton's Science Review portion to attempt to grasp all that I have forgotten, and then I plan to use some of the Kaplan Workbooks for drill. So far, so good. Whenever the first date of a Princeton Review opens up for the August exam, I will be there as well.
You might pop over to a large-chain book store and take a look at the different workbooks. You will easily note the different styles and find which one you are most comfortable with.
No procrasination!

I think both firms offer effective programs. And, as an OPM member, if you order your Kaplan course on-line through the link on our home page, you will receive a 10% discount & OPM will receive a commission check.
Kaplan is one of OPM’s official partners & all members are eligible for this discount on all Kaplan stuff ordered via our link to their on line site. As I understand it, you can order their in-person course from on line as well.

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Hi guys,
I've seen people ask this alot and it seems like TPR is the favorite (am I wrong?) I already have Kaplan on-line and some of the Examkracker books. What is it that you like so much about TPR? Is it worth getting that big review book from TPR?

I took the Princeton course this summer and thought it was really good. Our instructors were really decent and helpful (except the physics guy, who kind of scared us). Here in NYC we have both Kaplan/TPR and ExamKrackers but I think Kaplan and PR are really down to personal preference. I got really tired of seeing the subway ads for Kaplan showing people with their arms folded proudly saying “I got a 40/37 1000” and that was my reason for NOT taking their course. Seeing these smiling faces after no sleep and a killer physics exam used to bum me out big time.
But, I hear Kaplan is very good nonetheless. Also, the examkrackers books are excellent. I plan to buy the examKr. books depending on my MCAT scores.

Hi all,
I used the Kaplan course a few years ago, when I was preparing to take the MCAT. It worked for me. The 4 mock MCATs from Kaplan were harder than the actual MCAT, so that I felt sufficiently prepared when I took the real thing. The classes aren't that helpful. Taking all of their different subject quizzes and mock exams really helped. The Kaplan center was also great for studying, compared to studying at home where there are distractions.
I have to take the spring 2003 MCAT since my original MCAT score is now too old. Didn't want to fork over the money for Kaplan test prep course, but now I reconsidering…
As for Princeton Review, I was turned off by their simple approaches in general (for GRE & SAT).
I am new to the board – signed up a few months ago, but just started visiting again. Will post my info on the members board.

The kaplan course worked very well for me. Just make sure that you take some of the aamc tests as well as kaplan’s.
The course kept me on a structured study schedule, which I probably wouldn’t have maintained on my own.
The timed tests were crucial. Try to review them afterwards to understand your mistakes. It seemed like most others in my course didn’t do this post test review.
It was somewhat disconcerting to be over 30 in a class of 20 somethings. Although it made me realize that my motivation to become a physician is one of my strengths in comparison to the “traditional students” (in my class at least).
Have you looked into speed reading or reading comprehension books/courses?

Do you think it is possible to rely on Kaplan if the courses were taken 8 years previously???
If these books really do such a good job of reviewing the material, it should be possible to study from them to write the exams irregardless of how long ago it was that the courses were originally taken.
Any thoughts on this? Has anyone relied on review books and tests alone??
I'm having flashbacks to my organic chem and calculus professors who could barely formulate sentences in english. The thought of going back to take a course in either of these gives me shudders. I am self reliant and would rather lock myself in a room for weeks at a time instead of attending class. But the question is will I have to buy more than the Kaplan books?