I was hoping Wendy or Dave might be able to answer this, but if anyone else knows the answer feel free to chime in.
KCOM is very near to the top of my want list this year and I was wondering if (or should I say when) I get an invite for an interview and get accepted will there be anything for my wife to do. Will we be able to mainly live off student loans (not very comfortable I’m certain!), or will she need to get some form of employment there?

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much effort KCOM puts into spouse & SO involvement. Pretty much any activity there is…they & the kids are welcomed. In fact, there are 2 spouse/SO organizations…one caters more toward thew stay-at-home spouse and the other more toward the working/professional spouse/SO.
Living in K'ville is extremely cheap. However, even though the rental property is very inexpensive – DO NOT RENT ANYTHING SIGHT UNSEEN! There a lot of rental property there not fit for human habitation.
As to whether or not you can survive on loans only is a function of your fiscal situation when you arrive and how well you budget & stick to it.

As a KCOM spouse, I can say that I’ve found plenty to keep myself busy. Finding a job here was extremely difficult, however, although that partly depends on what your career aspirations are. I ended up working two part-time jobs until my son was born.
Now I’m a SAHM, and we do live off loans/scholarship money, and are quite comfortable.
It all depends on what you want to do - do you guys have kids? (And if you don’t, we think Kirksville puts fertility drugs in the water ;) )
The Student Associates Auxialiary is an easy way to get involved and is a VERY active organization. They do lots of volunteer work, as well as get togethers for the spouses/SOs, for the kids, for the couples. If you want to be busy, there are plenty of ways to stay that way! The town itself doesn’t have lots to offer, but if you/she get involved with the groups at school, at a church, etc. there is plenty.
This is the most supportive school of spouses and SOs that I’ve seen. I felt very welcomed here and am very glad my hubby chose KCOM for that reason. They sent me the classifieds to help me find a job, the dean sent us a handwritten congrats card when our son was born…it’s very friendly.

just for general information, what would the situation be like for a male spouse of a med student - is there any support for guys who have followed their wives to med school ?

There are several male spouses in “our” class. They aren’t as involved in the spouses groups, but they seem to be very active with the intramural sports at the campus center. One is a stay-at-home dad who subsistute teaches on the side, and several are employed around town. So, they do exist and seem to bond together!

Sory I couldn't respond sooner, But I've had a few problems trying to access the forum. Dave finally figured it out so now I'm back.
In anwer to your question I have 2 kids. Marissa is 6 and Douglas is eight. Actually, I think Missouri puts fertility drugs in all the water. That's where both of ours were born (St. Louis) and maybe its why they are so close together!
We both enjoyed Vandalia, MO so I'm betting we'd both really like Kirskville. Now all I have to do is get an interview and get in!

I lived in K'ville for a couple of years…went to now Truman State University…
I agree…the rental prices are WAY cheap in that area…but again, don't rent anything until you've seen it first…
A lot of the rental property, back in my day (10+ years ago) was owned by one particular lady…and she wanted to meet you before she would rent to you… LOL…nice older lady…
There are a lot of really great people associated with Truman State. And that particular area of it is pretty diverse. The school employs a lot of people as well…so there are jobs there…I'm sure that things have probably changed since I was there…but there isn't a whole lot of cultural activity not associated with the schools…Actually…there's not a whole lot of activity period not associated with the schools…we got our kicks out of going to the super walmart at 2 am… LOL…
Anyway…as far as raising younguns and a quiet place to live…I think it definitely qualifies. The area is really pretty (or was anyway)…and you're not too far from St. Louis or Kansas City (about 3 hours) if you feel a needed road trip…
Good luck!

Kirksville was truly an adjustment for me from living in Dallas. Somethings I don't think I ever adjusted to -like how slowly everyone drives! But, strangely enough, there are things that I miss about the place. You get to know the store owners of the smaller places that you frequent. The farmer's market on Saturday morning is pretty cool- small, but good. Thousand Hills State Park is the best! Boat rental prices are extrmemly reasonable, especially if you go in with several people. Even just to go out there and hang out is good.
The thing I miss the very most about Kirksville, though, is the sense of family that you develop there. Most everyone there is in the same situation you are in-- far from home, no family support there. It gives you a common bond that is hard to find elsewhere. Even though we are now living in a place that doesn't have that type of feeling, I know that I can call anyone of my friends from Kirksville and they will understand what I'm feeling, whereas someone that isn't intimately knowlegeable about the medical training process isn't able to be quite as understanding.
Now, would I want to move back to the 'Ville? Nope. Too small and too remote. It wouldn't be the same without the same group there. I wan't sure how I'd feel about the place when it came time to leave. I guess I can say I was glad for the experience, but am also glad it's behind me.

While moving to the 'Ville was quite an adjustment - we love it, especially as a place to raise a family. We might end up staying. Never in a million years did I think I’d make Missouri my home, but it’s growing on me. smile.gif
We bought our house - houses are cheap here! People are friendly, even though they do drive slow. I have no complaints about our experience in Kirksville.