Kind thoughts for my second mom

Things have always been rough between my mom and me, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had wonderful influences in my life at the times I needed them. One of those has assumed the roll of mom to me on multiple occasions. She is the one who yells at me if I play online too long instead of study, she is the one I call for everything. She was just dx’d with breast cancer so now my brain is spinning (this comes on top of sick kids and abscessed teeth).

I’m pretty familiar with the process. We are both lactation consultants and so breast health is what we’ve focused on for years. Still, when you hear the “C” word, your heart always sinks a little. Her prognosis seems much better than my last friend who passed away, but I still worry. If you could all send prayers (if you pray) and/or kind thoughts her way I’d appreciate it. Eat lots of noodles if you are pastafarian. I’m pretty sure spagetti is on the menu in my house tonight.


Best wishes to her, and to you and yours, from me and from FSM.

I wish your friend great health soon! i was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago at 33 yrs old. It is terrifying. i am glad your friend has you!



The surgeon removed about a golf ball sized portion of tissue (tumor last I heard was only 3 mm). She reported back that it appears as if she got clean margins and that everything looks good from there. They also removed a few lymph nodes that had been swollen to check for abnormal cells.

Genny just called and said the path report came back clear on the lymph nodes! WAHOO! I’m so stinking giddy it’s not funny. O.k. it is funny. But the oncologist said she is reviewing her file and going to decide if she even needs radiation since things cleaned up so perfectly. I told her get blasted anyway. It can’t hurt to take a preventative measure or two. She agrees. I’m soo happy right now I don’t care what my grade is on that test I was crying about last night!

Gawd I love that woman.

Darn glad to hear it, Susan