Knee Surgery

Okay, the knee surgery is now definitely scheduled for this Wednesday. Last week I had a stress test (nuclear persantine; no treadmill for me!) and it came out just fine. So tomorrow it’s on to my internal med doc for final medical clearance, and then on to pre-admission testing for blood tests and a meeting with the anesthesiologist. Of course, I talked to our own OMD about what the most common anesthesias used are, and the safest one for me, so I’m hoping our anesthesiologist here will agree. . . a simple spinal block with a femoral nerve block for pain control. AND, I’m going to tell him I absolutely do not want to be so relaxed I go to sleep. I really want to be able to watch the surgery on the monitor!

I mean, after all, it’s my knee that is being replaced. My orthopedic surgeon does a lot of sports injury surgery and tells me he has picked a really good Stryker knee for me; hopefully one that will be long lasting since I am relatively young for the surgery.

Anyway, here’s hoping the surgery and rehab go well and I can get back on my feet again without so much darned pain. Can’t wait for Wednesday!!

Wishing you the best, Linda, and happy to hear the attitude you’re bringing to the table (no pun intended). You’re going to get through this swimmingly, I’m sure!