Know any funny sayings?

Here is one from my son’s calendar of stupid sayings.
From the medical chart of a South African patient… “The deceased patient refused his autopsy.”

When I was just a snot-jockey, a resident was writing the admit note for a pedi-trauma pt who had been hit by a car while chasing a ball into the street wrote this (I saw it myself & razzes the [censored] out of him!):
“Pt was involved in auto vs pedestrian - pt was the pedestrian”…as if we would have admitted the damned car to PICU? Of course, that would have made a GARAGE!

My favorite medical saying is FUBAR: F***ed Up Beyond All Repair - also the nickname of a frat brother…and it fit equally well!
Another classic - FLK: Funny Looking Kid (meaning ‘syndromy’ in appearance)

Great ones Dave!
When I was studying to be a surgical Tech we went to observe a surgery. The patient’s head was completely covered in plastic. One of the girl’s from my class got very upset and said… “Don’t they know it is dangerous to cover someone’s face with a plastic bag. She is going to sufficate before the surgery is done. Shouldn’t we say something about this?”