known 'friendlies'

i recently saw a short list (Ohio State, Wright State, University of Cincinnati, University of Toledo and Case Western) of old folk friendly schools. are there any other known schools (MD & DO)? anecdotal and actual welcome but please qualify.

if willing, i would also like to see some data on those who got interviewed (where?) and/or accepted (where?):

Age (at application)-

Science GPA-

Overall GPA-

MCAT score-

Research experience- (short description)

Volunteer experience- (short description)

Shadowing experience- (short description)

  • if this data/list exists and i need simply to be pointed toward it, i apologize in advance and thank in advance for posting the link.

    good luck to all, and thanks in advance!


I was told (includeing by my interviewer at my interview) that Temple is very non-trad friendly, I also think VTech carilion has about 40% of its first class that had other advanced degrees ( a trait held by many non-trads).

University of Washington claim that they love to see “bent” arrows applying. I know of an ED doc that was one of their non-trads. An OB/GYN friend of mine said her class had a catholic nun who was in her 50’s at the time. Another doc I know said that her class had 2 non-trads. While they don’t make up a huge portion of a medical school class they are there.

I always keep in mind that our age, experience, job history, cover letter, LOR’s, educational journey will vary and can’t be compared. Who are on the board for that year or the next will vary. Unless you are a fly on the wall during someone’s interview you cannot expect to receive an accurate recall of their interview or their body language during that interview.

The physician I know that sits on the board of admissions says their goal is to see how uncomfortable they can make you. (This coming from one of the kindest, humblest physicians I have ever seen). He still wants to see what you are made of and if you truly believe in what you are saying. Not necessarily a right answer.

The point of this is that I am not always certain that you should limit yourself to a list of “friendlies”. Be sure and apply to schools that you would want to attend as well as those that are more of a “sure thing”. I have heard of schools that want non-trads but are getting no applicants. That makes it look like they aren’t friendly. Or the applicants just weren’t qualified (poor cover letters, poor gpa, poor MCAT, no LOR’s et cetera)

In the 2009 MSAR, Drexel specifically mentions non-trads. That caught my eye when I went through it.

University of Iowa in Iowa City for MD program. I think most of the DO programs will be favorable towards non-trads as well.