Hey y’all. Here’s a doozy for you. My first life is as an NP I went to a crazy expensive private school to get my NP license. I’m left with $300,000 in student loan debt. Now, I’m embarking on this premed adventure. I don’t plan on leaving my job and I’ve almost reached my lifetime maximum for my student loans. What have some of you done to put away for the possible debt to come with medical school. I would love to at least pay cash for the tuition. I’m playing around with investments a little to see if in the next 2-3 years I’m able to earn enough with investments to pay for school. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I’ve got a lot of debt too and my plan is twofold: 1) I purposely moved to a state (Texas) with reasonably cheap tuition for instate students. 2) I’m planning to work in an underserved community with loan forgiveness.

Hey for both of you…

You can just take CC courses for your prereqs or balance it out by taking classes at both University with CC or just do UNI… by taking one class per semester. Better slower pace with As then jamming it all in during full work load and then getting only Bs and Cs with a couple As.

I have 200k in loans as well… went to a private liberal arts for my BS biology. It was nice to be at a small school but no qualified stutors (Except peers who often got confused, I dunno how they got hired as the university tutors) and the classes were so small the office hours for one celass would not work well with my schedule because I would be in another class.

Anyway. I have to work to support myself and my mom (Im not even married with children, it’s crazy). I hope you all have found a resolution by now?