Last exam for a long time!

Today I sat for the certification exam of the American Board of Family Medicine. Since I took a yearly in-service exam each year of residency, and the in-service was produced by the same board, I had a pretty good idea what it would be like. There really weren’t any surprises. Probably the biggest difficulty for me was that the last day I worked was June 29 and my brain feels very sluggish!

Since I tested well on all three of my in-service exams, I’m relatively confident that I passed this one (and the quantitative score does not matter; it’s effectively pass-fail). Come September I will hopefully be a board-certified family physician. Yay.

FPs recertify by exam every 7 years, so I will be back in that testing room quite a long time from now… and I don’t have any tests to take until then, hahahahahaha. There is a mechanism by which you can postpone testing until the 10-year mark; it’s complicated, involves doing case studies and all sorts of interactive stuff that I haven’t tried to find out about yet, but that might be something to consider, I dunno.

For me it is a nice satisfying feeling to be done with the stupid test. It’s not like I studied for it specifically in these past few weeks, but my three years of residency count as studying, for sure. Now I’m done. Yay.


CONGRATS! I am truly green with envy. I will sit my written Board exam next August to be followed within 6 to 12 mos by a formal, high-stress oral examination. Assuming I pass those, approx 1 year after that, I will sit the written critical care boards.

A life chuck full of exams for me over the next three years…

But, my heartfelt congrats to you!!!

Congrats, Mary! I can’t wait for the day of no more exams!

Amy (who should be studying for her final Med 2 exams and Step 1 instead of being on OPM. )


Congrats!! I too am very green with envy as I study for Step 3 (can’t even believe I am uttering those words). You’ll have to keep us up with life as a real live attending (which by the way they don’t call them out here).


Congratulations, Mary!

Congrats Mary! Not sure what a life without testing is going to feel like.

I tell you what, I think it is going to feel weird. Of course I will be working very hard so I doubt I will miss it

I started my new job today. I am really pumped! Everyone in my office is so nice and helpful and I know I am going to work really hard but I’ll also enjoy myself.


The new second line of my .sig says it all…

woooohooooo board-certified baby!


Congrats, Mary!!! I’m very happy for you. What a relief to have that out of the way.

Congrats, Mary!


Fan-tastic Mary!

Your post made me smile.

Congratulations on your achievement.


Nobody deserves it any more than you, Mary. Congrats and job well done!!


  • Mary Renard Said:
The new second line of my .sig says it all.....

woooohooooo board-certified baby!


A very late, but sincere & heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!!