last semester - best academically :)

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in forever but I had to share my happy news. I made a 4.0 GPA this semester - all A’s! I was so proud of myself. This is my last semester of postbacc premed. I got an A in microbiology, A- in organic chemistry II (up two letter grades from a C- from last spring), A in chemistry research, A+ in developmental psychology (child psych, a fun class), and A+ in conditioning, my 1-credit exercise class. Sadly, there hasn’t been in any weight loss though.

I started my MCAT studying today after a week off to chill. It was painful. I did a prep course last year (TPR) but I’m going solo this year. I’m using the EK package. Last year was a fruitless exercise in keeping up with my prep class but not learning anything. This year I’m going to try to go over all the crap I missed, which is just about every question. I’m taking it 8/6/07 so I’ve got 3 months to kill my brain.

Also, in case you missed all the other posts, it’s not too late to register for the 2007 OPM conference in Chicago!



P.S. More happy personal news - I’m also engaged. James proposed to me over Christmas break. I think I forgot to post the whole story. We plan to get married March 2008 and hopefully I’ll start medical school Fall 2008 somewhere. James will follow once he gets a job in the new city/state unless we’re lucky enough to stay local. I move in with him in 2 weeks. Yeah, no more long distance.

Sounds like a heck of a 6 months, Stacy - congrats!

Good luck on the MCAT, as well - I’ll be taking it around the same time.

Congrats on everything!