law student wanting to get into med school

I’m currently a law school student (I’m in the middle of my first year), but want to be in med school. I graduated in 2005 from a good school with a biology degree (relatively high GPA, ~3.8), then went directly into a MPH program. While I worked for a year as a health educator, I applied to med school but only got on the wait list. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and my confidence was totally shot down. I decided to go to law school thinking that I would study public health and health policy. So, here I am and all I can think about is wanting to go to med school! I’m going to finish the law school program, but I want to apply to med school so that I start the same year that I finish law school. I started volunteering at a hospital and am planning on taking the MCAT again (I think this was one of my biggest weaknesses - I only got a 29 the first time around, but hopefully I can take it again and do better) this summer.

I know that there are other JD-turned-MDs out there and I was wondering if you could give me some advice… Right now I’m trying to figure out what to do this summer and am thinking that I should do more volunteer work at the hospital (shadowing doctors, etc). However, I wonder if I should do something policy/law related as well?? At the same time, I want to study for the MCAT this summer and don’t want a full-time job/internship eating up all my time (it has been awhile since I’ve taken the MCAT and I definitely need to brush up on my physics/organic/bio). Would you suggest focusing on the MCAT and volunteering, or should I try to find a job related to the JD program??

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks so much.