Lawyers to Doctors - The "Unofficial-Official" Thread

Hello Everyone,

This is a great website with very thoughtful discussions.

I wanted to start this thread for those who are lawyers, law students, legal workers etc., and have either considered, or have made the move or are now practicing physicians.

We can discuss various topics here that may or may not overlap with other forums (which is ok, no pain in being repetitive).

I hope there are more than a few people here who can chime in with their experiences.

We can start off with introducing ourselves.

Me briefly, I am a 39 year old lawyer, been practicing in solo practice for past 10 years. I can’t say I hate my job, I generally get to help people and being in own practice helps to keep things in perspective. I don’t think I would have practiced law for too long if I was employed by a law firm. That said, I have always felt that I will not want to be a lawyer for too long (ever since I started), it feels unfulfilling. I have family members who are physicians and I do have some idea of what that involves. I am here now to see if the idea in my head of wanting to be a physician is just another crazy thought or this may be a way for me to find a fulfilling career where I still get to help people in a profession that provides job security and where even if I have ambitions to help people (rural medicine etc.), I won’t go broke (as happens in the legal field often).

I will try to pose some direct questions and raise issues once we get an idea of how many of us are there in this community.



So I am also a lawyer and I worked in a law firm in dubai. And I am happy with my career how it grows and I am like to be a lawyer.


I am a 28 years old recently graduated lawyer.

Law is not for me, so will defo go for medicine, as it was always my original dream.

Nice to know there are others out there!

I am one too! I’m 40 and have been practicing for several years (unhappily and with the goal of earning enough money to get out of law). I’m “nontrad” in life as well as premed path - no kids/adult responsibilities. Currently studying for the MCAT.