Leadership in Parent teacher association

Hi everyone!

I’d just like to check if anybody has used leadership position in Parent Teacher association for an elementary school in medical school app.

If yes, please advise on how you went about it. To whom did you ask for a letter of rec? What was your approach in asking for the letter? Really, how you went about putting this experience in your medical school app?

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated!

I forgot to mention this in leadership! I have served on the PAC at my son’s school for the past two years and loved it!


I’m glad that I got at least one response…so, did you submit your medical school app recently?

What were you responsibilities like? How much time contribution did you have to make for the position? And if you could include this in your app, would you get a letter of rec? If yes, from whom would you get it?

Any advice would help!

I am submitting my application for TMDSAS today after one last person reviews my optional essay. I added the PAC membership under leadership and wrote that it allowed me to be a key player in the planning of my son’s school.
Our PAC met with the principle for lunch once a month and at the end and beginning of each semester for a 2-3 hr planning session. My letter writers are two doctors and two professors. I don’t think it would be a bad thing to get a letter from the principle if you are lacking an extra letter.
If you want to talk more, you are more than welcome to email me. I don’t know if I am allowed to post it here but if so, I can give it to you.

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Hi Stephanie,
I’m glad that you were able to add this leadership to your application… All the best!!!

Thanks for your input!!!

Note: I sent you a PM…you don’t need to post your email here…see if it worked!!!