Leaving law school

Hello folks,
I have a quick question. I have decided to leave law school. I completed one semester, and I am half way through the second. I see no point of finishing my second semetser. I want to go home so I can save money. I just dont want to be a lawyer anymore, and I see no point of finishing this semester. Would it be better for me to just finish this semester? Or just drop out. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have no idea how grading works but I assume you’d get Ws or Fs? Even though they’re irrelevant grades for med school, you will have to report them when you apply to medical school.
Also, you’ve already paid for the semester. I’d finish it out if I were you. You may learn something useful, who knows? Bailing on one career path doesn’t look good and is going to require explaining down the road… but at least if you finish the year you can say you gave it your best shot; it look less like you ditched at the earliest opportunity. I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, I’m saying that’s what someone else might THINK you’re doing.
In other words, before you do this, think carefully about how others may perceive it when they are evaluating your fitness for another profession. I think it would look better to finish the year… however, I don’t know that for a fact. Unfortunately there’s probably a pretty small group of JD dropouts to poll to see how leaving law school affected their future careers.

I think exactly the same as Mary! There’s not point in wasting money…I don’t know what classes you’re taking, but some of them might transfer as electives if you go to pre-med…if you can get some good grades (As or Bs) they would always look better than Ws or Fs…
it’s up to you…but I’d finish if I were you…

I would certainly echo Mary & MadCasa’s advice. Quitting & the 'W’s or 'F’s you’d get would certainly not be looked upon favorably. I would advise you to finih the term/year & achieve the best grades you can. Then, follow the proper procedures outlined in your student handbook about withdrawal. Most likely, you will want or maybe even need letters of rec or o/w from the school - so leaving on the best feasible terms in in your best interest.

Echoing Dave who echoes…who echoes… The perception AdComms will have if you leave law school without finishing out the semester is going to be negative - “doesn’t follow through; probably will do the same thing to us.” Do finish out the semester, and end your career at that law school on as much of a positive note as possible.

Ditto what everyone else said. I would finish the semester, esp. if you have already paid for it! Law school isn’t that bad is it? Personally, I think I would like some classes–Constitutional Law especially (maybe you already had this one?) and some of them not so much (Taxes, Estates), but your knowledge of the law may someday be useful even if you never become a practicing attorney.

If for nothing else, finish the semester to avoid having 5 W’s or (worse) F’s on your transcript.