Let me tell you about my Grandmother

Steel. It is one of the strongest metals on earth. We make our buildings from it. Buildings that touch the sky. It is used for the wheels of a train and hold immeasurable weight. It is born of fire, so hot it can melt the skin off of your face.

But this material has nothing against my grandmother. My grandmother was and always will be stronger than steel. With one little rock on the train track, the steel wheels cause the train to de-rail. Reduced to a twisted wreck, unable to to anything. A rock in the form of a pothole made life difficult for my grandmother once, but she never de-railed. She never buckled or ever twisted. She continued on strong.

Several years ago, the steel of building melting against the burning fire of hatred. My grandmother faced those fires on more than one occasion. Hatred reduced her family from 9 to 3. She was forced to work until her hands can no longer manage but the steel in her bones never bent, not even a mm. She was brought face to face with death himself in side a steel chamber that was to be filled with gas. But this steel chamber broke and she continued on. The hatred she faced was destroyed under HER Steel. And she brought THEM to their knees because they knew that SHE was stronger than them. From her, there came 2. From 2 there came 5. From 5 there are currently 4 and more will come. See how that hatred has failed. See how steel buildings and powerful steel trains cannot hold a flicker against her.

She never complained. Even after the atrocities she faced, she knew who she was and where she came from. She knew her identity and made sure that everyone knew it.

When I was young, my grandmother made me promise. To marry someone like me. I am honored to say that not only had I fulfilled my promise but so did my brother and soon, our cousins. And to her honor our children will always know who they are and where they come from.

My grandmother suffered in life. She will not suffer in death. She is a martyr. I ask that god take her to him right away. To be in the beautiful light of heaven and to finally see her mother and father and 8 brothers/sisters and to forever be with her true love. And while, this time is going to be difficult without her, while it will be hard not to talk to her on the phone or see her at family functions, her legacy will continue with the children of her children’s children. And we know that she and her family and my grandfather will ALWAYS be with us.


Sorry to hear of your loss. It’s obvious there is much love in your family and that your Grandmother was a great source of it. You and your family will be in my prayers.



Sorry to hear of your loss - you have my deepest sympathy. God bless you and your family.


I am also sorry for your family’s loss. You are in my thoughts.


Gabe, I am sorry for your loss. May all of you who remain find comfort in each others’ presence and the many wonderful memories of her.


I am sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. She sounded amazing. Thank you for sharing her story with us!


Your grandmother was indeed strong. . . and I think it is clear to those of us who know you that she has passed that trait on.

You and your family are in Zane and my thoughts and prayers. May you find comfort in your many good memories.



It has been awhile since my last log-in… your post moved me to tears and made me reflect on my grandmother. You words were beautiful and the fact that you are in medical is a testament to her strength.

God Bless.

I’m sorry to hear of that, Gabe, but the love and the steel are strong in your family. You and yours have my thoughts and best wishes.

Your post reminds me of the Mourners’ Kaddish, which mentions nothing but good things. May the Bringer of Peace bring peace to you and your family.

Sorry to hear about your beloved grandmother.

There are no words… just warm thoughts coming your way.


You and your family are in our prayers this holiday season. I hope you can find solace in the faith that the unique love that grandmothers share remains with us forever. God bless you.