Letter of rec rant

Ok…here it goes…

A month ago, my boss had given me such acclimated praise on my job perform evaluation. She raved how I was a good employee and such. She followed up with where do you see yourself in a few years,career wise. My response to her was that I was fascinated with cells,microscopes,clinica l medicine, and having exposure to that from my prev job, so being a clinical pathologist, medical micro, infect disease is up my alley. Her background is in medical technology.

Two weeks later, I had asked her for a letter of recommendation. She responded with, why do you need a letter? I told her that I will be applying to med schools and/or grad programs that focuses on clinical/medical micro. Instead of the usual questions, what do yo want me to state, what deadlines,etc. She shocks me by stating, could I tell her which(name of schools that I am applying) to. After that, it went downhill from there. I felt like she was being condescending towards me.

Anyone any thoughts?

What type of environment do you work in? My thought is that most bosses won’t be supportive of your med school dreams unless you’re already in an academic/med school environment. And even then, you have to cherry pick who you share your dreams with.

I agree 110%… most people who hear I am going to actually sit for the MCAT, potentially apply are:

  1. threatened by it (because??? they’re insecure? I don’t know)

  2. act like that is the dumbest thing ever and then do many things to try and prove how stupid I am and how smart they are (again because??? they’re insecure? I don’t know)

  3. put the idea down as a “nice mid-life crisis - easier to buy a fancy sport’s car, isn’t it??”

    So, I do tell everyone and that the potential for me getting in is less than 1% but at least I will have taken the test and have no regrets at the end of my life.

    Naysayers, I have found, tend to be insecure in their own lives, jealous that I am chasing my dream, scared of how me leaving will impact them (it won’t, I’m meaningless in the world).

    Everyone else is supportive… pushy even. I listen to them and let the noise of the others drift away… like a spring breeze.

I work in tissue banking as a technician. I was really shocked and am disappointed that my boss reacted that way. I am usually really careful with whom I share my aspirations with. I don’t even share with some of my friends and definatetly not family, except my grandma.

I don’t want someone like that writing a letter for me. My question is what do I do next? I told her that I would come back to her later of specific things I wanted to say for the letter of rec, bc I wanted to divert the situation. Would it be rude not to pursue it further?

Adoc2be, it’s ironic that you raised those questions.Out of 3 questions, I had people with the audacity stated those 2 qs to me.

Anyways, being selective can be isolating in a sense. I believe that we, “old” , ahem seasoned premeds need to support and encourage each other.

Btw, when are you taking the mcat? I am taking it 1/8/2015

Yeah there’s a TON of hateration out there, LOL!!! And almost ALL of it comes from people miserable with their own career choices or too afaid to change paths. Or my personal favorites, rejects from med and/or grad school who gave up trying to get in.

I would not pursue someone like that writing a letter of recommendation for you.

Ever. Under any circumstances.

Find other people who know your work. Find mentors, professors, physicians you’ve shadowed but do not pursue her any more.

I think you might have better success if you’re more up front with your plans than not.

When I was hired for my current IT job 5+ years ago, I told my boss (and her boss as well actually) right off the bat that I was planning on applying to medical school. They have been incredibly supportive, and my boss wrote me a great letter of recommendation, and even re-wrote/updated it for me this year as I’m re-applying.

I also think that LORs from employers are especially valuable for Non-Trads, as it can really demonstrate that we have real world experience that the kids just coming out of their undergrad can’t compete or relate with.

Just my 2 cents.

I agree Prodigal 100%. In this case, his boss has been so nasty, it would seem that it might backfire during applications.

I’d prefer people knew my plans up front as there are no questions later (Why is she leaving for class at 6:00 and what is she taking? Why is she drawing organic molecules over lunch? and reading physiology?")

I absolutely agree with you. However, I disclosed my interests, before asking for the letter. Initially, when hired, I did state my interest in clinical path and/micro since I previously came from that background. I also, did mention this once again during my perform eval.

I think I won’t pursue my boss anymore, since I am not comfortable with her response.

Instead, I will ask my former employer to do so.