Letter of recommendation for Post-Bacc Program Admission

Hi Everyone. I have had insomnia for the last few weeks after deciding that I am going to pursue this life-long dream, for the third time!

The last science courses that I took were 20 years ago. I am targeting to begin in Spring 2010 a Post-Bacc Pre-Health Professions Program. I am doing some self-tutoring until then.

I need to provide 3 letters of recommendation to the Post-Bacc program. I have been researching what information to provide my recommenders about myself and have found that a lot of the info out there is for high school students.

I would like to ask if anyone has any pointers on what information I should provide about myself and the letter to my recommenders.

Thanks so much. I look forward to being on this forum.


You’re talking about UC Berkeley’s extension program, right?

Yes, that would be it! Do you know anything about it?

No, unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with the program. All I know about the program is what I read on SDN (which isn’t too complimentary):


But take everything SDN (good or bad) says with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the info. Although I did not read anything bad about the program, per se.

Thanks. I didn’t read anything that made me change my mind. In fact, I like that UC Berk has a reputation. Can only help my cause.