Letter or Recommendations from professors interacted with 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am in a bit of a pickle and was wondering if anyone had the same issue and how they went about it. As we all know AMCAS required at least 3 letters of recommendation (LOR) two of which have to be professors you’ve had in the past. Well, I graduated from my university 2 years ago and have not had interactions with any of my professors since then. I reached out to one of those professors and they agreed to send the old reference letter they wrote for me 3 years ago however they said it might be detrimental to my application due to the long time that has passed since our last interaction.

However I have also been retaking Orgo Chem at my local community college, however am not close with the professor at all, as he simply knows me as my full name displayed on Zoom, which correlates with the name in the grade book. I do not feel like he would write a genuine LOR as he does not really know much about me besides the fact that I probably hold the highest grade in the class.

Hence I was wondering if I should ask my current professor for LOR or stick to the old reference from 3 years ago which was more personal and relevant. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you

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You could ask your current professor but if you’ve not built any relationship with him, it will not be a strong LOR. I wouldn’t recommend this. The idea is to go to office hours to have correspondence with them to be seen and known.

I’ve spoken to multiple schools about my situation (non-trad, DIY post-bacc, career changer) and they have told me to get LOR from people that could comment on the things their schools value (leadership, compassion, learning ability, etc). They said a work supervisor, other professor, someone from an organization you work with — any of those would be acceptable. I’ve gotten one LOR from my orgo professor and will be getting more from a physician I work with as well as my manager.

My recommendation is to speak with schools you are interested in applying to. Explain your situation and ask what you could do. Some schools may be sticklers about the 2 sci/1non-sci professor while others may be ‘lax about it.

thanks for the great insight. The science professor LOR requirement is really my main problem. I have great relationships with doctors and other professionals from my past 3 years of clinical experience, who are already writing me letters of rec, which I hope will be personal and significant in showing who I really am since we have been consistently interacting for the past few years. But don’t have any professors that I could ask. Really my only options are old references for 3 years ago which could be detrimental or a not so personal generic letter from my current professor, who hasn’t even seen my face through zoom yet