Letters of Rec.

I have 2 Docs (DO & MD)who are writing letters on my behalf. One of them told me that he would send them to ALL schools which I’ve applied to, not just the one’s requesting a secondary…is this kosher? This doc has been practicing approx. 25 years and as Mary might have mentioned, might not be familiar with modern application procedures. Would un-solicited letters help, do harm, or be rejected? Any thoughts?

Don, I don’t know. I’d suggest that you contact the schools that screen prior to secondaries and ask them what they’ll do with an unsolicited LOR. My first guess is that they just file it, and put it together with your app at the appropriate time. But I don’t know. My second thought is that it may vary by school - some might be so stuck-up as to chuck it if it’s unsolicited (though this seems really far-fetched to me) and others might happily accept it.
Your LOR author is just trying to help you out with this offer, AND trying to save the work of having to mail things in multiple batches, so you definitely want to find out that his sending these letters is OK and then thank him for taking that step!

Well, I have applied to 6 schools and within that small number, I have seen some that limit the number of LOR’s, that give special instrux NOT to send them prematurely, and/or that will toss any they recieve over the number of LOR’s they want. Some schools do not want extras. Some schools are more relaxed about it.
As mentioned, your best course of action is to check out the policies at the schools you are actually applying to. If it isn’t a problem there, you’re in great shape to have such an advocate at your side!