Letters of Recommendation for a non-trad doing a DIY Post-Bac

Hey Dr. Gray and my fellow non-trads,

For financial reasons and thus a full time corporate job, I have elected to pursue my post-bac coursework at a local community college. I justify this with the fact that I had a 3.8 undergraduate GPA from a top 50 university and a top Master’s in an unrelated field (hopefully making up for the science coursework being done at a community college). My question is, from where should I source my letters of recommendation, my undergraduate alma mater? Master’s Program? Science professors at the community college? Any help on where to ask for the letters and how to go about that without the help of a structured pre-med or post-bac program would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great holiday season. Love the work that you are doing, I would not have half of the pre-med knowledge or vocabulary that I do without your work.

All the best,


Hi! Dr. Gray covered your question during Session 165! We hope we answered your question regarding letters of recommendations! If you have other questions please feel free to post in the forums again!

Thank you,