letters of recommendation

I have a question regarding LORs. I graduated from college in 1996 and from grad school in 2002. Basically, almost all of the faculty I had at my undergrad institution have since retired. I am still in touch with my grad school mentor and I know he will write a letter for me if I ask him to (he knows I wanted to go to med school). But where to get other LORs? How many are recommended (I am guessing it warries by school)? I am planning on setting up a shadowing opportunity for myself, so would it be ok to ask the MD to write a letter for me? Any suggestions? I already did some shadowing in 2005-2006, could I ask that MD or is it too late?


Oh, I already got in touch with an admission’s dean at one med school and he sounded very supportive. One more boost to me!

Well, because it has been over 10 years since you finished your undergrad, you’ll need to see if any of your classes have expired, especially biology. You might want to consider a postbac with some advanced level biology classes, do well, and get a LOR from your instructors there. What have you been doing since you graduated? Maybe a LOR from an employer would help too.

Best of luck!


All of that sounds good…letter from past shadow exp, employer, and grad instructor…if you take another course or another shadow experience you can you use that too.

Rachel Yealy, DO