Life as a Doctor?

How were you able to make this kind of sacrifice and what’s it like now?

I have been thumbing through these posts for a while. However, I have a question I can not find the answer too.

I am 35yrs young and have a BA in Finance GPA 3.6 after a few years in sales I went to Fire, EMT, paramedic school. Coming out broke and not finding a job I went back to work. Averaging over last 5 years 80k -100k,my best year 160k. However I am burned out from selling once again. The best part of Fire rescue was the paramedic training. I enjoyed the ER and helping people. That being said I would like to hear from older premeds that have finished med school and are in the field and being successful. Are you earning a good living? What type of medicine are you practicing? How were you able to give up making money to go back to school?

The Journey continues

Hello SB and welcome to OPM. I’m a family med doc, working in academic medicine after a short stint in private practice. I started med school at 43 and finished residency at 50.

My work responsibilities are divided between my clinical practice, attending residents both in clinic and hospital inservice, teaching medical students, and a little research when I can squeeze it in. The days are full and fly by quickly…I’m usually in by 7:30 and rarely get home before 7pm, but I love it. I’m not rich and never will be, but I make a comfortable living and don’t have much debt.

I was fortunate in that I had a supportive spouse throughout the pre-med and med school years. I had a lucrative job that I gave up just prior to going to med school. In the two years of post-bacc pre-med, I continued to work full-time and sequestered some cash and CDs to pay for about half the med school tuition. During med school we lived off my husband’s salary. Again, we didn’t carry any debt through those years other than the mortgage. I took out loans to pay for the last two years of med school, and then immediately consolidated and started paying them back as soon as I started residency. After I finished residency, my husband (a pilot) took early retirement and now plays golf and fishes. Appropriate payback, don’t you think?

There are days that I get really tired and frustrated, especially in the current political climate, but I wouldn’t trade my life and the path I took to get here with anybody.

If this is what you want to do, set your sights and go for it. Please keep us posted on your progress.