Life during medical school

Hello fellow nontrads. My name is Collin I am concerned about life in medical school. Yeah I know the work load will be grueling and I will spend a lot of time studying but I am really wondering about how families are living during medical school. Are most of you non traditional students families being soley supported by your significant other financially through the whole process? Are the schools giving out housing opportunities to families so that the student doesn’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their children’s and wife’s head? I am going to go theough this process eventually and just would like to know if I need to wait a couple more years to just get way more financially stable. My wife and I are currently both working part time so we can go to the community college for undergrad. We also have a daughter and another little one coming soon. I am 24 but I am questioning if I should wait till my kids are a lot older or maybe even adults to even start medical school.

Hi there! Dr. Gray responded to your question on episode 191 of OldPreMeds on 8/14. Head over to to have a listen! Hope it was helpful!