Limits on Financial Aid for Pre-Med and Med School

Are there limits on how much one can borrow in student loans for undergrad and medical school??

Does anybody know?

I don’t know about undergrad, but for med school the financial aid office has guidelines they can share with you. They have an estimated student budget that they use, and you can request adjustments for the cost of childcare, etc. But they have pretty clear guidelines.

Thanks Overthemoon, I will do more checking into it.


If you do a post-bac and want to use stafford loans, you can only borrow for a 12 month period.

There are limits on Federal loans (both subsidized and unsubsidized) for both undergraduate and graduate school. You can find the loan guidelines and limits by undergrad vs. grad and dependent vs. independent at the website:

Student Aid on the Web

There is the option of private loans as well, but this has become very rare since the financial crisis. These loans are based on credit worthiness and are only offered if your aggregate student loan debt is less than their cap which varies by company. Note that these loans come with a higher interest rate and have, more often than not, shorter grace periods, which may mean that you’ll be repaying the loans while you’re still in school and certainly while you’re in residency.

As a side note and not directly related to your question, in your fourth year of medical school you will be eligible for a residency application and relocation loan. This is a private loan so it comes with some of the details listed above, including being based on credit worthiness. Residency application can be expensive (the range I’ve heard from my classmates is $1000-$8500) so I encourage anyone reading this who isn’t a fourth year yet to try to set aside a little money as you go along to try to avoid any unnecessary loans!

Hope this is helpful!