LLL- Living in Letter Limbo

Hi all-
Just getting a bit fidgety blink.gif because I was interviewed by Medical College of GA in March and ALLEGEDLY my file appeared before the adcom on March 17th. It is now 4 weeks later and no news. I now check my mailbox about 5x a day “just in case”. Is this normal? I mean the long wait - not me checking my mailbox tongue.gif Also - to call or not to call?
Thanks for your advice!!

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Anyways I have sympathy for you and your waiting. I’m waiting to find out if I am going to get in off of a waitlist.
I feel lost waiting not knowning if there is something I should be doing. I’ve already written letters to the school etc…
If you were me I would not be able to resist NOT calling.
I’m impressed with only checking the mailbox 5x a day. happy.gif

I would call. As long as you are polite, it can't hurt. Send a letter of intent also!

I second spacecadet's advice. Show interest and intent!
Good luck!

Thanks so much for your advice! I actually hadn’t considered writing or calling yet since I had verified that my file was complete and had been presented to the adcom. huh.gif I assumed admissions offices frowned upon contact unless you were already waitlisted. Well, now I am off to write my letter of intent right away.
smile.gif huh.gif Sara

Well I have a misery worse than that. I have been waiting for a letter since September. I interviewed in September, wrote a letter in Feb. Still nothing!