Long overdue update

Geez! I haven’t posted since I was accepted… how irresponsible. I’m now halfway through third year; Step 1 was a very pleasant surprise (USMLEWorld is all I used; I hated First Aid), and am seriously considering trying for radiology, or failing that IM. I have to limit my residency choices to those that are offered in the city of my med school, as I am not going to move the family again. Third year is a slog… I am really, really burned out, but fortunately I’m more than halfway through Peds with only Family and Psych to go, so it’s all downhill from here. I’m waffling about when to take step 2; I don’t want a mediocre score on it to reflect poorly on my application.

Just wanted to check in, and let everyone know that I’m still plugging away; I keep thinking I’ll have more time someday, but it never turns out that way. Maybe 4th year…

All the best!

Best wishes, Timbo, and grats on the progress so far!

4th year is indeed much more laid back than 3rd year. Different stresses, for sure (travel, interviews, etc etc), but very manageable overall.