Long shot, but anyone doing prereqs at UNM?

Will be starting there this fall, and would love to meet up with other OPMers or non-trads.

I am starting off the first year: Chem 1&2, Physics 1&2, & Bio 1&2 at CNM on recommendation of SOM advisor who told me the classes were smaller, the tuition lower and the SOM did not care CNM or UNM as long as all the requirements and GPA were good.

I may be able to do O Chem 1 at CNM but O Chem 2 and Biochem are only offered at UNM so I will be finishing off at UNM.

Advisors tell me there is not a real difference between the two campuses academically. ? ? ?

I start Chem 1 in 2 days then the rest this fall. If you want to chat about things and compare notes etc, I would be into it.

It should take me about 2 years to finish pre-med.

Very cool, David.

That’s interesting the advisers say there really isn’t a difference between CNM and UNM classes.

And encouraging, too. I guess you’re right: it all comes to grades.

Best of luck, and let’s keep in touch!

I got the chance to talk to a MD who was on the SOM admission committee up until a few years ago. He did say that it would be a good idea to finish off a course of study like Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry at UNM. That way the people on the admission committee will know you can do well in a rigorous course.

CNM may be just as rigorous but the admission committee members come from UNM faculty/staff and know the other UNM faculty who teach the upper level courses.

He said CNM is not a negative, it is simply an unknown. It would be good to show positive performance in the top level courses at UNM thereby removing any doubt about the quality and rigorous standards of any CNM course work at the beginning of my academic work.

This works out fairly well with my plans to start out at CNM for the lower level courses and switch to UNM for upper level course work not offered at CNM.

I would be interested in talking about other SOM admissions topics such as current issues in medicine, thoughts on clinical experience, and shadowing MDs.

I am fairly well engaged with summer school classes now but I can always make time to discuss important topics that will help along my pre-med path.